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This area has been built to contain an overview and links to the use cases gathered in relation to e-Infrastructures. Following distinct areas have been identified:

  • The list of previously collected original use cases obtained as results from an EGEE project survey.
  • The current list of individual use cases gathered by the EGI preparation team in 2007. The list of individual use cases obtained from NGIs, projects, institutes and VOs within the EGI DS project phase in the preprocsesed (txt) form retaining the original information provided and mapped to corresponding proposed EGI functions.
  • Moreover, there is also a list of either individual or clustered use cases mapped into EGEE activities to easily allow identification of areas not covered by individual use case obtained.

You are welcome to either send us a new specific use case describing your way of grid environment utilization and/or you are invited to provide us your comments/suggestions concering the current list of individual use case. For those willing to send us their new, specific use case an example template is available. The template can be used as an illustration of the information that we are looking for, however, it is not mandatory if its structure does not match your view on the topic. Free-form use case descriptions are welcome. Please, contact us at

EGI DS Use Case Letter with Template

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