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NGI Full Name: Norwegian Grid Initiative
Acronym: NorGrid

The Norwegian NGI is NorGrid. The NorGrid initiative aims to establish and maintain a national grid infrastructure in Norway.

The NorGrid project was initially established as a subactivity of the Norwegian infrastructure project Notur for high-performance computing. In March 2007, NorGrid was recognized by the Research Council of Norway as a separate initiative with its own funding.

A detailed description of the mission, organization and status of NorGrid can be found on the URL for NorGrid.

The coordinating legal entity of the NorGrid initiative is UNINETT Sigma. NorGrid includes the national Norwegian NREN (UNINETT), the University of Bergen (UiB) and its affiliated research organization Unifob, the University of Oslo (UiO) and the University of Tromsø (UiT).

NorGrid collaborates with the Nordic Data Grid Facility (NDGF), a collaboration between the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden), on the operations and support for the Nordic Tier-1 center that is part of the WLCG collaboration. NDGF is hosted by NORDUnet.

Users and Resources
Number of users with valid Grid Certificate: ca 15
Number of sites (Resource Centres): 4
Number of CPUs: ca 10000 (Notur)
Total storage (in TB): 100 TB disk

[edit] EGI Functions: Current Rating

[edit] Functions proposed in survey of late 2006

Coordination of infrastructure operations Very Important
Testing, certification and validation service including middleware Very Important
Managed resource centers to provide initial resources for new user communities No Opinion
Coordination of user and application support Very Important
Coordination of dissemination and training efforts Quite Important
Representation of European Grid efforts on standards bodies Very Important
Representation of European Grid efforts with similar bodies from other continents Quite Important

[edit] Other EGI Functions

Promote mechanisms for resource allocation across country borders.

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