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BELIEF supports the Research Infrastructures Activity goals by leveraging on all European eInfrastructure based initiatives and developing a denser network through which international outreach and industry engagement may be achieved.

Objectives: build a Communication Network Platform;- develop, and populate a multimedia Digital Library (DL) for a homogeneous accessibility of documentation produced by eInfrastructure initiatives; deliver 4 one-to-two-day brainstorming events (20 - 30 participants), in Europe and potentially US; deliver 2 one-day strategic networking workshops (40 - 60 participants) in Europe and potentially a NIS;- deliver 2, 2-to-3-day international conferences and exhibitions (up to 250 European and Indian and 250 European and Latin American participants) in India and Latin America to exchange experiences, showcase results - publish 4 Brainstorming reports on technical research, legal, policy and accounting issues, and user needs - publish 4 Research and Industry handbooks on business models tailored for different user communities discussions of exploitation and sustainability issues, case studies, surveys of evolving and deploying eInfrastructures to a user community.

Results: develop synergies between researchers and industries with ongoing eInfrastructure initiatives; form a worldwide accessible Digital Library of eInfrastructure multimedia documents serving research and industry; provide amalgamation of current research community fragmentation and sensitise the industry sector to eInfrastructure deployment; attract interest from Industries and SMEs on deploying European eInfrastructures; increase international co-operation by bringing onto the European scene Indian and Latin American players. In addition, 860 to 1000 organisations: industry, SMEs, academia, research institutes, will pool experiences, knowledge and expertise during events and establish a networking platform aiming at consolidating international eInfrastructure initiative.

Project Details (BELIEF)
Project homepage
No. of Partners 6
No. of Countries 6
Start Date 2005-11
Duration (Months) 24
Cost (€ per Year) 605,000
EU Funding (€ per Year) 475,000
FTEs (per Year)
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